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State Champs

State Championships

888PL, APL and Pub Poker can now lay claim to having the most exciting State Final event schedule on the pub and club poker scene.  Taking place quarterly or monthly in some States, the series delivers players a taste of the high-end, Main Event experience right on their doorstep.  Not only that, players will be vying for the chance to take home not only cash but seats into our exclusive tournaments The Main Event and The Showdown powered by The Star.

Date: SA NSW and VIC- Monthly    QLD, WA and TAS- Quarterly

Entry: Entry is via qualification only in QLD, WA and TAS. In order to be eligible for this event, players will either qualify through a quarterly game scoreboard, or a quarterly regional scoreboard.  Any winner of a Special Event deemed eligible for qualification will also gain entry, as well as the top two from any regional final held within the qualification period.

Players in VIC and SA must win any event or play 8 games in the previous calender month. For NSW, they must play 15 or win any event. Alternatively, SA and VIC players can buy in on the day for $110 providing they have played at least one game in the previous month.

Note that in VIC players can qualify by placing second at any event of 40 players and over or placing third at any event with 80 players or over in the previous calendar month.

Prizes: VIC- $15,000 Cash Monthly   SA- $5,000 Monthly       NSW- $30,000 Monthly

             QLD- $20,000 Quarterly       WA- $5,000 Quarterly     TAS- $12,000 Quarterly