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Challenge (Buy in) Games

When 888PL players are ready to test themselves a little more they move over to the Challenge side of the 888PL Fixture. These games can be a little more serious as they involve a cash buy in.  The actual amount staked varies according to the game type and structure. 


Away challenge events are avaliable through out venues hosting 888PL events. The standard buyin for away challenge tournaments is $10 but there are a small amount of higher buyin tournaments avaliable for those seeking larger stakes.

888PL challenge away events are completely rake free in South Australia and Victoria, meaning every dollar that players buyin for is returned to players in the form of the prize pool.

Prize Pools are determined by the amount of players who buyin and in most cases the top 10 percent of the field will "cash" in the event.

Most away Challenge events will be of a standard structure however some events will have variations to the way in which they run.

  • Terminator events - These Event's will have a certain amount taken from the prize pool for bounty's. For every elimination a player gets, they collect the bounty money
  • Deepstack events - A higher than normal start stack is provided and poker passport's have a higher value as well. Blinds are often extended in this format as well. Tournaments of this nature will run longer than standard.
  • Pot Limit Omaha - PLO games are sometimes avaliable for players wishing to play another variant of poker
  • Partners Event - Two players team up and play blind level in - blind level out alternatively.

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