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Player Info

To take full advantage of all the great functions and utilities that this website can offer you; you are required to be an 888PL Member and will need to log into the website.

There are different ways you can receive your login:

Register at an Event
Once you play a Game, you will be registered in the League. You will receive a Card and if you have registered with an email address, you will receive an email explaining how to complete your registration online so you can experience all the benefits of the website.

If you don't have an email address, or didn't add one, you can use your mobile number and card id here to login and finalise your registration. Your Card id is the alpha numeric code found under the bar tab on the back of your new 888PL member card.

Register at the website
If you haven't gone to an Event and wish to register, then fill in the form here and can get all the benefits of the site 

We highly recommend that you create an 888PL website username and a new password. Your username for the 888PL website will then become your login and you can utilize your new password with this login for more secure access. Please be very security conscious when using this website and setting up your accounts.