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APL Million

Congratulations Huss Hassan and Peter Curtin, 2019 APL Million Champion and Runner Up!

After a thrilling four days of play and a dominant display on the final table we would like to congratulate Huss Hassan for taking out the third running of The APL Million. Huss edged out fellow New South Welshman Peter Curtin to take home $300,000 in cash and prizes!

This is Huss’ second win at a major APL tournament after he took home over $100,000 in cash and prizes at the 2015 APL Main Event in Melbourne.

The third APL Million saw a record breaking 1,294 players converge on The Star Poker Room for four incredible days of play. The sheer number of players saw a record breaking $1,617,500 cash prize pool. This was the biggest league based prize pool in the world with the top 135 players taking home at least $2,500 in cash!

Although only one could walk away with the coveted APL Million trophy, every player in attendance enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with friends from around the country and make new friends while enjoying all the hospitality on offer at The Star.

With the final table confirmed by Sunday evening there was a great consolation prize waiting for those knocked out as players made their way 24/7 Sports Bar for a night of socializing and an exciting poker quiz event.

Monday saw the anticipation build with the nine final table players returning to chase the glory. Huss was the man to beat as he entered the day chip leader with 12.040 Million in chips! The live stream was being telecast at poker venues all around Australia with our players keen to tune into the action.

It got down to two, with the New South Welshmen Huss and Peter, going head to head. After six hours of final table play Huss was simply too good and was a deserving winner over Peter, who fought gallantly all evening.

On behalf of Full House Group and our players we would like to thank everyone at The Star for hosting an unforgettable week and a half of poker. It was one that will go down in Australian poker history.

Good luck to everyone out there trying to qualify for the 2020 APL Million. Let’s see if we can break even more records next year!


Check out full payout list below.



1 Hassan Hussein $300,000
2 Curtin Peter $175,000
3 Ha Mai $130,000
4 Yesha Desai $100,000
5 Mehmet Jake $75,000
6 Khalidi Abubakr $57,500
7 Foster Joshua $45,000
8 Revell Terrence $35,000
9 Chow Jensen r $28,000
1st Huss Hassan $300,000
2nd Peter Curtin $175,000
3rd Mai Ha $130,000
4th Yesha Punjabi $100,000
5th Jake Mehmet $75,000
6th Abubakr Khalidi $57,500
7th Josh Foster $45,000
8th Terrence Revell $35,000
9th Jensen Chow $28,000
10th Victor Taingahue $22,500
11th Andrew Hinrichsen $22,500
12th Mele Poulivaati $22,500
13th Michelle Psarras $18,000
14th Luke Medwin $18,000
15th Peter Brown $18,000
16th James C Middleton $15,000
17th Mark McQuinn $15,000
18th Sammy Salha $15,000
19th Adriano Scagnetti $12,500
20th Peter Kominos $12,500
21st Trevor Allan $12,500
22nd Giovanna Nocera $10,500
23rd Zachary Wilson $10,500
24th Brian Sockalingum $10,500
25th Con Stergidis $9,000
26th Matthew Maks $9,000
27th Chris Vlahos $9,000
28th Ty Hardy $7,700
29th Franky Martino $7,700
30th Rory Young $7,700
31st Kristy Nowell $6,650
32nd Anthony Mitchell $6,650
33rd Kyrillos Gerges $6,650
34th Ryan Hong $5,900
35th Miro Cujic $5,900
36th Haoran Zhang $5,900
37th Toan Nguyen $5,250
38th Rick Newlyn $5,250
39th Scott Wilson $5,250
40th David Flockhart $5,250
41st Thibault Klinghammer $5,250
42nd Kurtis Lazenby $5,250
43rd Spencer Davies $5,250
44th Sam Russel-anderson $5,250
45th Armen Woskanian $5,250
46th Laurence Hall $4,750
47th William York $4,750
48th Martin Woods $4,750
49th Jarred Graham $4,750
50th Mark Bradley $4,750
51st bien Diapico $4,750
52nd David Berckelman $4,750
53rd James Gill $4,750
54th Timo Hettinger $4,750
55th Joanne White $4,300
56th Nahim Nehme $4,300
57th Robert Tennant $4,300
58th James Mccavitt $4,300
59th Shaun Vitaljich $4,300
60th Harry Basle $4,300
61st Gavin Leue $4,300
62nd Salvatore Principe $4,300
63rd Kane Whibley $4,300
64th Carl Larocca $3,950
65th Thomas Amir $3,950
66th Chelsea Valderrama $3,950
67th Carolyne Wright $3,950
68th Justin Wong $3,950
69th Rhondda Legge $3,950
70th Michael Gregurek $3,950
71st Jack Kregas $3,950
72nd Chau Le $3,950
73rd Hanchen Zhang $3,600
74th Jim Doumit $3,600
75th Duy Nguyen $3,600
76th Joshua Smith $3,600
77th Charles Smith $3,600
78th De Li $3,600
79th Hun Lee $3,600
80th Peter Stott $3,600
81st Seyed Taghvapoor $3,600
82nd Mitch Chow $3,300
83rd Amy Cassim $3,300
84th Patrick Walshe $3,300
85th Peter Aristidou $3,300
86th Dimitrios Psaros $3,300
87th Jun Wang $3,300
88th Vili Taumohaapai $3,300
89th Joseph Nati $3,300
90th Alan Casas $3,300
91st Corey Scott $3,000
92nd Jason Pritchard $3,000
93rd Anthony Chaptini $3,000
94th Zoran Loncar $3,000
95th Jaysen Miguel $3,000
96th David O'Brien $3,000
97th Pham Nguyen $3,000
98th Mark Saunders $3,000
99th Didier Guerin $3,000
100th Zachary Gay $2,800
101st Pratik Mehta $2,800
102nd Travis Endersby $2,800
103rd Marko Legovich $2,800
104th Andre De Melo $2,800
105th Nebojsa Blanusa $2,800
106th Dejan Marjanovic $2,800
107th Margaret Farrugia $2,800
108th David Wang $2,800
109th Marcus Unwin $2,700
110th Takeo Kimura $2,700
111th Justin Vannguyen $2,700
112th Troy Staudacher $2,700
113th Yousef Zaminpaima $2,700
114th Xinhug Jiang $2,700
115th Ashish Gupta $2,700
116th Timothy Sheehan $2,700
117th Raymond Lapitan $2,700
118th Mitchell Oates $2,700
119th Mackenzie Hagan $2,600
120th Julian Powell $2,600
121st Mona Isaac $2,600
122nd Errolyn Strang $2,600
123rd Codi Pearce $2,600
124th Adam Parkin $2,600
125th Robert Bechara $2,600
126th Dion Hawkins $2,600
127th Brad Tojic $2,600
128th Romario Baho $2,500
129th Luca Borreggine $2,500
130th Andrew Stolz $2,500
131st Michael Zadel $2,500
132nd Anthony Luo $2,500
133rd Michael Hawker $2,500
134th Jiaqin Zhao $2,500
135th Stephen Coorey $2,500