NSW Pro Open


Saturday 27th May 2018: Revesby Workers Club, 2B Brett Street, Revesby, NSW  2212

NSW $30,000 Pro Open Qualifiers List


Saturday 23rd June 2018: Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL, 20-26 Canterbury Road, Hurlstone Park, NSW 2193

All events are 10.00am registration with a 12.00pm start. All events are two-flight events.



The NSW Pro Open is a monthly event. It is partnered up with the NSW State Champs as a special event weekend.


The NSW Pro Open will be run as a two flight event with a T20,000 start bank. There will be top-ups at registration ONLY.

  • Top-up: $20 top-up at registration available for an extra T10,000
  • 15 minute blind levels during heats
  • 20 minute blind levels post heats for the duration of the event
  • Blinds will NOT be capped
  • The first 200 players will be registered to Flight 1. The following 200 will be registered to Flight 2. All players thereafter will be registered one table at a time for alternative flights in an effort to balance flight numbers. This number may change on the day at the TD’s discretion


Qualification for the NSW Pro Open is;

  • Win or place second at any nightly APL Pro-Series or 888PL Challenge* event (cash entry events)
  • Place 3rd or 4th at any nightly APL Pro-Series or 888PL Challenge* event (cash entry events) with 40+ players
  • Place 5th or 6th at any nightly APL Pro-Series or 888PL Challenge* event (cash entry events) with 80+ players
  • Buy-in available on the day for $110.  This includes your $20 top up.

Players with multiple qualifications will have the ability to transfer their additional tickets in accordance with the transfer stipulations below.

Transfer Stipulations:

  • Transferees of additional qualifications must complete a Transfer Card and register with the owner of the qualification. 
  • All transferees must be APL or 888PL members. 
  • Once a player with multiple qualifications registers there will be no opportunity to transfer any additional qualifications at a later time.  
  • The sale of additional qualifications for profit is prohibited.  Any member found to be engaging in the sale or purchase of additional qualifications for profit will not be permitted to play in the event and may have their membership of the league cancelled.

* 888PL Challenge Outer West Players Only


This event will offer a GTD $30,000 PRIZE POOL.

  • Cash collected through buy-ins and top-ups over the combined value of tickets and minimum cash to be awarded on the day will be added ON TOP of the prize pool.

    • $13,500* – Positions 1-8 will each receive an event ticket/s valued at a minimum of $1,500 + cash.  Additional ticket/s valued at a minimum of $1,500 will be awarded by random draw/s to a player/s registered in the event. (*minimum combined value of the tickets)
    • $4400 - Second Chance tickets: Top 40 receive automatic entry into the following month’s Pro Open event. These tickets are transferable to other players, however can only be used for the next event.
    • $12,100 - Minimum amount of cash