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About Special Events

The Lowdown on 888PL Special Events

We like to offer our players more and throughout the year we will often offer special one off events to 888PL Players. Over time we all  tend to like to mix it up so the 888PL try to spice it up and offer our players more.

In past seasons we have offered many different and versatile tournament formats. At the majority of finals, and during special weekends, we will host and continue to organise:

Partners or Teams event: where players need to work together to achieve the best results.

Shootout formats: To win the tournament you need to beat everybody at the table first.

Deepstack formats: So you think all you need is more chips to win? More chips + relaxed structure = A lot of concentration, focus and skill to win one of these.

Grand Final Satellites: Normally these events will have a buy in attached to them, but now and again we will feel generous and allow players to play a tournament where the winner will walk away with an 888PL Grand Final seat for very little investment.

High Rollers Events: The events where the big $$$'s paid for. These events attract the most skilled members of the 888Poker League. And generally most of these players are willing to back their confidence with greater buy ins.

Other Poker Variants: Over the coming year many players will be exposed to many different variants of poker. This year we are looking to introduce players to Pot Limit Omaha and 7 Card stud and on the horizon there may be an annual H.O.R.S.E tournament for the extremely skilled and knowledgeable players of 888PL.

Heads Up Tournaments: in 2010 the first ever 888PL Heads up Championship will be held. Heads Up Poker is the ultimate test of mental and mathematical focus and skill.

Many more special events will be offered throughout the year; so ensure that you keep up to date with all the new news and announcements by bookmarking this website and returning regularly.