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About Away Events

Have A Great Night Out with the 888Poker League

Like many pub poker leagues the 888Poker League got started in a local pub. Our first ever event was at Chelsea RSL in Victoria and we quickly grew to the 200 plus weekly events we host today.

Our Away Game fixture is made up of a vast variety of games across the whole of each of our states.  We have some great regional events that are amongst the strongest in our league.  Our venues range from local hotels, sporting clubs, RSL's, restaurants and even the odd bar. All of our Away events offer great value to players with the 888PL passport system, prizes and 888PL points on offer for every event that is part of the Tournament Fixture.

Our Away games are hosted by our friendly team of 888PL Tournament Captains and for the bigger games, Tournament Vice-Captains too.  These team members are on hand to help new players, keep the event running smoothly, help teach you more poker skills and settle the odd friendly disagreement.  Each of our Away games is an event in itself with regular venue promotions and prizes, bad beat tables and plenty of banter amongst the players.  The final table is always dealt by the Tournament Captain and plenty of players usually wait to the end to see the winners decided.

Why not get a bunch of friends together and make your way to the next Away event near you, it's a fun, social and friendly place so spend a few hours?

Check the Away Events Calendar Here.



Away events are divided in to the two standard divisions of the 888PL.

  • Foundation: These games are free to enter. Players recieve 2 passports for chip redemption at registration for standard events.
  • Challenge: These games have a Buy In attached to them which create's the tournaments prizepool. Players reieve to passports for chip redemption at registration for Standard Events.

For full information regarding Foundation events click here  

For full information regarding Challenge events click here    


Most away events in both the foundation division and challenge division follow a standard structure, however as 888Pl evolves more variants are becoming avaliable. Players have to oportunity to mix up thier games as the following formats of poker can also be found at various 888PL venues.

  • Terminator events - These Event's will have a certain amount taken from the prize pool for bounty's. For every elimination a player gets, they collect the bounty money (Challenge events only) 
  • Deepstack events - A higher than normal start stack is provided and poker passport's have a higher value as well. Blinds are often extended in this format as well. Tournaments of this nature will run longer than standard.
  • Pot Limit Omaha - PLO games are sometimes avaliable for players wishing to play another variant of poker
  • Partners Event - Two players team up and play blind level in - blind level out alternatively.


The 888PL is always bringing new venues on board so make sure you check the venue finder regularly.

For any enquries or support please contact info@888pl.com.au