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Host an Event

The 888PL - A Great Entertainment Option for Your Venue

As part of the Full House Group, the 888PL has been providing a fantastic entertainment option for venues for the last three years.  Our events are a great way to attract new customers and keep your regulars coming back.

Here's some tips for getting the most out of hosting an 888PL event at your venue:

  • Choose the game location carefully - make sure your bar is open and accessible, other amenities are open and the area is well signed.
  • Consider using point of sale and other promotional material to advertise other services your venue has
  • A poker meal menu is often a great idea for quick ordering and serving
  • Talk to the Tournament Captain about when breaks will occur and make sure the staff are prepared
  • Get involved - play some tournaments, introduce yourself as part of the opening address and supply venue prizes and vouchers as part of the passport draw
  • Brand your team - you can supply branded gear for players from your venue to wear in finals and teams events
  • Let us know about your venue - keep the 888PL marketing team up to date with your venue by contacting marketing@888pl.com.au
If you would like to discuss how your venue can take advantage of offering 888PL games as part of your entertainment package contact Full House Group on 03 9644 1600.