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New Players

The 888PL is a great place to get an introduction to poker and then to develop and hone your poker skills.

Are you new to Texas Hold'Em?
If you are a poker novice here's the important information that will help you get into the game

The most important thing to get a handle on is the hands.  See the table below for details of the best hands in Texas Hold'em Poker

Check through the additional pages in this section for more assistance for players new to poker, to our league and to online games.



Poker Variants

Bet Types

Fixed Limit

Fixed limit betting is a great place for a beginner, but has completely different strategy than any other betting mode.

Consider this example in a $20/$40 game, with a posted limit of a bet and three raises. During a $20 round with three players, play could proceed as follows:
Player A bets $20.
Player B puts in another bet, raises another $20, making it $40 to play.
Player C puts in a third bet, raising another $20 on that, thus making it $60 to play.
Player A puts in the fourth bet (she is usually said to cap the betting).
Once Player A has made her final bet, Players B and C may only call another two and one bets (respectively); they may not raise again because the betting is capped.

Pot Limit

- Your minimum bet is equal to the size of the big blind (this is assuming no players have bet before you on this betting round).
- To determine the maximum bet, the dealer counts all the money in the pot and all the proceeding bets on the table, then add any call you would make before raising.  Then this figure is the maximum bet.  (It sounds more complicated than it really is.)
- Any bet in-between the maximum and minimum is allowable.
Maximum bet  example; on the river; $625 in the pot, player a bets $200 Player B bets $600, Player C pots, the maximum that can be bet is $2050 (625+200+600+600) The last $600 is the bet that Player C was able to call.


No Limit The most simple to grasp, but the most complicated to play.
No Limit is where any Player can commit their entire stack at any point action is on this Player.
Texas Hold'em The most popular of current poker variant and the most common 888PL Game.
A little more complicated than Texas Hold'em but the fundamentals remain.  The only differences are below;
- Players are dealt 4 hole cards.
- Omaha is generally played as either Fixed Limit or Pot Limit.
- At show-down a player must play 2 out of the 4 hole cards, no more, no less.
- Eg.  If there is a flush (diamonds) on the board, the Player will still need 2 diamonds to make the flush.
5 Card Draw Probably the first encounter with poker most people have.
There are 5 cards dealt face down to each player.
There is a betting round after the deal, starting to the left of the dealer.
After the round of betting each player discards up to 3 cards.
Once each player has received their replacement cards there is another round of betting after which the players show their hands.
5 Card Stud This is a classic game of poker, almost always played fixed limit.  This game does not have communality cards.
Each player pays an ante to play, with this they get one face down card, one face up, there is a betting round.
2 more cards are dealt face, after each card there is a betting round.
The fifth card is placed face down, after which there is one last round of betting the best hand wins.
7 Card Stud Very similar to 5 Card Stud, aside from after the ante is paid each player receives 2 cards face down and one face up.
The fourth street, fifth street and sixth street cards are faced up, with a round of betting.
Seventh street is placed face down and the final round of betting where at show down the best hand wins.
Hi-Lo This is a variant played with Omaha and Stud games.  This is where the pot will be split into 2 sections, one that plays the highest hand, the other pot pays the lowest (generally the player needs less than an 8 to qualify, if the player does not qualify then both pot goes to the highest hand)
Pineapple This is a variation of Hold'em in which every player is dealt 3 cards.  There is the usual pre-flop and post flop betting, however before the turn is dealt every player must discard one of their hole cards.  Turning it into a regular Hold'em game after turn.